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CM 01/02 v3.9.65 (new data)

Author : Sports Interactive (Downloads by this author)
Added : 30/11/-0001
Homepage :
No. of Downloads : 28485
Size : 18.50 Mb
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Description: Updates the game to v3.9.65 and includes the following:-

* Lessened chance of free-kicks hitting walls slightly
* Increased Protection of players at big clubs slightly
* New command line option 'nomemcheck' to disable memory safety checks
* Fixed rare problem with club records
* Changed from over-length copy-protection to a system that will work on all CD-ROM systems
* Repair news corruption which can happen in the original release
* Made it less likely that a player with a lower match rating than another player will get MoM
* Made it less likely for non-league clubs to get rescued when bankrupt
* Made Man Of Match display on match screen compatible with COLOURBLIND flag
* Protected against unlikely stadium expansions (most notably in Brazil)
* Made interest payments when seriously in debt more severe
* Made aging, greedy players a bit less likely to accept moves if they're well paid in their current contract.
* Made 'future' screen show Jaded players information correctly
* Second leg of Asian Super Cup is now 14 days after first leg
* Clubs from Pakistan now play in East section of Asian club competitions

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